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Outpatient Clinic

This weekly clinic accommodates 2 types of patients

  1. Chronic liver disease patients who are subjected to the program for screening of hepatocellular carcinoma every 3 months (by forming abdominal ultrasound which is available in the clinic and serum alpha-fetoprotein)
  2. Referred patients who have investigations suggestive of hepatocellular carcinoma or any malignancy affecting the liver (imaging study showing hepatic focal lesions and /or abnormal tumor markers)

The clinic is moderated by group of clinicians including: residents, assistant lecturers and lecturers of Tropical Medicine Department.

Data of patients is collected in specialized sheet and admitted to a specialized filing system (both paper and computer filing system). Any missing data or investigation is requested by the clinicians in the clinic.

The Number of Patients Attended the Clinic in 2002

The Number of Patients Attended the Clinic per year till 2006